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This artwork consists of many contrasts.
The contrast of two different materials convey: Fluently folded and transformable shape
versus a strict and firm shape, the light blue color versus the yellow-brownish color.
As it is an abstract structure, viewers can put their imagination into this result.
Although it begins with Ant house images, we think it can be anything.
But because of the possibility to crawl inside of it and the use of the material, it still resonates as a
house., final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_2.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_3.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_4.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_5.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_6.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_7.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_8.jpg, final PDF - Lukas & Jiyoung_pdf_page_9.jpg